Burundi – CVR/TPS: ACCORD-CADRE and PA AMASEKANYA “for” an international intrusion in our Justice!

{jcomments on}DAM., NY, AGNEWS, March 13, 2007 – Since the second round of the implementation of the Commission Truth and Reconciliation (CTR) and Special Criminal Court (SCC) for Burundi, the ethnic separatist organizations take again service. ACCORD-CADRE  and PA AMASEKANIYA (militia creates during the war, chaired of Diomède Rutamucero,) are one agglomerated small associations, without any representativeness, orchestrated by children whose parents enjoyed and are at the origin of the military Dictatorship which during 40 years founded an acute socio-economic criminalisation, person in charge of more than 2 Million and half of victims.

These organizations, formerly refused the international intervention in our national Justice and today, they are the first to hope for it! They claim the creation of a jurisdiction equipped with international competence. The majority of members of these organizations are maintained by some individuals dependenton clan HIMA and on under clans the BASHINGO (BAGAZA) and BACHABA (BUYOYA, MICOMBERO). Some young people members of these organizations, which among most virulent, were illustrated amongst other things in the cities died in 1994 or the ethnic purifications in the university campuses in 1995, and make very to try to reverse the tendency of the crimes committed in Burundi. They surfent on the Rwandan genocide to hope that the international opinion takes their defense, while being dissimulated behind an ethnical  group. But Burundi is not Rwanda!

Neglecting that the current leaders are democratic elected officials, reflecting the majority of the Burundian people, and neglecting that the things changed in Burundi since November 2003 and especially August 2005, they don’t understand why government NKURUNZIZA can organize and choose the actors who will conclude the CTR and SCC.
The responsibility for a regicide concretized by a genocide, haunt them! MICOMBERO declared that “ HUTU elites were feudal at all times related ones to monarchy”. Here is reason of the “final solution” in  Burundi ! United Nations  and some “friendly” countries, like Switzerland, promised to help to finance these positive actions (to be followed).
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