BURUNDI – MEETING : Former Tanzanian President his Excellency Julius NYERERE/ Le président du C.N.D.D, et parlementaire:l' " Honorable " Nyangoma Léonard

9/5/1997 22-©D.C.I.M.I news 1997

by NDIHO Jérome

Cabinet du Porte-Parole


1. Former Tanzanian President his Excellency Julius NYERERE chaired the May 8 meeting of Nyangoma and envoys of the United Nations, the European Union, Canada, South Africa and Belgium.

2. Former Health Minister Jean MINANI was not invited to this meeting,contrary to the AFP publication dated May 8, 1997.

3. On the agenda were the evaluation and perspective of the ongoing negotiation between the CNDD and the BUYOYA’s Monoethnique Tutsi Army wich is in rebellion against democracy.

Pour le CNDD, Jérôme NDIHO Membre du Comité Exécutif Porte-Parole.

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