Burundi:The Massacre of 1984

AGnewsThe Massacre of 1984

The History of Burundi

Prepared by : Biyorero Ezekias, Ndikumagenda Thomas,
Binibaniba Bonaventure, Karumba Joseph.

December  1984

We are always following closely what the rulers of Burundi, who like ta lie to and deceive the international community, say to guests and delegates to -the National Conferences of UPRONA party.

In Burundi, the question of tribalism is well known ta other nations. And President Bagaza is known for hin unpredictability and inconsistence. Consequently his stand on justice, freedom, equality and security of the people of his country ie questionable. He always takes the best opportunities in Party and public meetings to address people and to ask for loans and aide from other nations. Such aids are used ta wipe out Wahutu and other innocent people. Their only crime is to be born Wahutu.

Those nations, perhaps satisfied with the sweet words of Bagaza’s may give aide to Bagaza’s government without knowing what he intends to do with them ! They should know that the aids are used in the massacring of Wahutu and to retard their development in every aspect.

Now will those nations come to know the actual problems of Warundi and Burundi ? for our voices are unheard !

In early- julY 1984 during the National Conference of UPRONA Party people were very hopeful about its proceedings. But alas ! , they were not aware of what had been planned for them. There had been a strategy to massacre Wahutu. Thls strategy had been formulated since March 1984. In july 1982 there had been a similar plan to the 1972 / 73 massacres.

All the same during the whole period of the National Conference many people were killed, while others had their limbs chopped off and some were burried alive !

ln order to ensure the success of the plan, borders were closed and troops were deployed there so as to make sure that no one could leave or enter the country. ln this way there would be no way to leak out any information about the massacres to the outside world.

All in all the plan was accomplished for only few people were able ta get out of the country safe. A testimony to this la the fact that about twenty (20) people who managed to get out of the country reported at katumba Refugee’s Settlement. They narrated what had happened to them and what had befallen our brothers. Another testimony to the JulY 1984 massacres was given by about fifty (50) peolple who had managed to save their lives and reported at Kigwa Settlement (TABORA). Among them were students and pupils from secondary schools and colleges. Others fled to Rwanda and Zaire.

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