Burundi-diaspora: Popular Nkurunziza in Gaule meets the Burundians living in BENELUX COUNTRIES.

{jcomments on}DAM, Agnews, NY,  November 18, 2006 (on behalf of our correspondent of Brussels) – From the meeting day before between  Europe and Africa organized by Mr. Louis Michel (Responsible for the development co-operation of the EU), President SE Nkurunziza gave a time to its Diaspora.

A wind of change radiated on the faces skeptics formerly.   SE Nkurunziza Pierre announced – a   goed  co-operation with the EU -.

SE Nkurunziza Pierre required of the public “to propose the future of our children”… the wish of a committed diaspora challenges it enormously.  An important work awaits our newAmbassador S.E Mr. Kavakure Laurent, at the origin of this meeting.

The exchange with the public turned around:  taxes; information with character flamer diffused by some Burundian Radios;  problem of a land nature; ideas of Ministry for the Diaspora like in West Africa; or the relation between the government and the party dominating with the country; richnesses of under Burundian ground etc 

Burundi, small country of central Africa, one of poorest of planet, tries to leave 40 years of a socio-economic criminalisation founded by the dictatorial Régimes – MICOMBERO-BAGAZA-BUYOYA- politico-military, ethnico clannish and regionalistic, at the origin of died of almost 2Million and half of citizens.

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