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New-York, octobre 2012, Diallo Abou Moussa

Africa Generation News [AGnews] is the communication department of [Generation Africa organization] based in New-York, Brussels, and Bujumbura.
Created in 1994, AGnews has tried to inform about  Burundi .   Between 1996 to 2001, the world was informed about killings in ex-Zaïre refugee’s camps, Concentration Camps in Burundi … You can  have access over  a  lot of information about  History, events in sixties, genocide in Burundi (1972), october 1993 and the civil war, …
Since 2003, AGnews try to present [in a positive side] Burundi in this [post conflict] and [development] period.


AGnews Team

Contact with Administrator by Email : dam.agnews@gmail.com  (M. Diallo Abou Moussa) 


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