AFRICA : 6 NOVEMBRE 2018 – [ Egypt /China International Import Expo | E-commerce : Rwanda / Alibaba | Uhuru in China ]

(1) During the opening of the first session of the China International Import Expo (CIIE) on Monday attended by the Chinese President Xi Jinping, Madbouly said that Egypt had developed an investment plan in order to attract investments. He further called on the Chinese business community to pump more investment into Egypt and benefit from the country’s unique geographical position between Europe, Africa and Asia

(2) Avec l’implantation de la plateforme d’e-commerce d’Alibaba à Kigali, le Rwanda devient le premier hub africain de la société chinoise.

(3) President Uhuru is expected to sign a horticulture trade deal which will allow Kenya to export fresh produce such as avocados, cashew nuts and mangoes to China

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